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102 erotic scenarios to be done with your love

Here are 102 scenarios that you can susurrer on the pillow, but mostly to reproduce and interpret in your room, in the countryside, on the sea, in a steam room or a cinema room.
19,90 €

Dare marriage Gay and Lesbian

How couples men or women, legally married, will live this situation ? How are they going to celebrate the event ?
12,90 €

669 gages to spice up your games

669 gages to spice up your sexual games. A pledge is a punishment. But a pledge erotic is a peculiar punishment, moving, delightful, or enjoyable, as much for the one of the two partners who...
19,90 €

Dare to debauchery

Libertinism is today as a way of life and a sexuality in its own right for thousands of couples flourished.
12,90 €

Dare Quick Sex

The " quick-sex ", that the French language was renamed in a way a bit rude to the " little fast ", did not have a good reputation. It would be a sexual activity at discount, associated with the...
12,90 €

Dare male masturbation

For a long time included at the base of the preliminary boring, or described as the land of asylum for the celibate, masturbation is today, more than ever, as a sexual practice in itself, with its...
12,90 €

Dare to spice up the accessing sexual of your...

After years of sexual freedom, you have decided you no longer make love with him, the elect(e) of your heart, your little husband or her, your dear and tender wife... And as we say today, "it is...
12,90 €

Dare Cunnilingus

It is among the preliminary favorites of women, some even shoot sometimes a pleasure superior to that of the coitus. Yet, most men still seem to be well awkward in the circumstance !
12,90 €

Dare the games of submission and domination

The erotic universe of domination and submission carries a mixture of fascination and repulsion on the part of the " uninitiated ", as it is associated in appearance to forms of humiliation or...
12,90 €

Dare the Strip Tease

The author of this guide, Violeta Carpentier, is the head and founder of Artstrip, the most important school of Striptease in France, created in 2002, and welcoming both professional lap dance that...
12,90 €

Dare sex Ecolo

Dare sex Ecolo There is seemingly no activity "more natural" than sex, and as little harmful to the environment
12,90 €

Dare to make a success of your wedding night

While the number of marriages continues to increase, the wedding night, which moment was the most delicious, exciting, harrowing, and ultimately erotic, seems today the most overlooked of the...
12,90 €