Regulations games competition

i-Karaibes - Regulation games contest


Article 1 : Organizer and nature of the operation

The company i-Karaibes sas with a capital of 1000 Euros, registered at the RCS of Fort-de-France, whose registered office is 4 batch EDF, Rue Lemon tree 97233 SCHOELCHER put in place on Internet sites that it operates of the games-contest free with no obligations of purchase, herein after referred to as "the competitions".

Article 2 : Duration of the operation

Each contest is scheduled for a duration of 2 months. The closing date for the competition is mentioned on the web page of the contest. The company i-Karaibes sas reserves the right to extend its term or to put a premature end to the event, without prior notice or justification, regardless of the reason for this decision.

Article 3 : Conditions of participation

The contests are open to any physical person residing in metropolitan France, Martinique, Guyane, or Guadeloupe, except the staff of the company i-Karaibes sas. Minors are not allowed to participate in the games competition i-karaibes sas.
The participation in the game implies that for any participant the full acceptance and without reserve of this regulation. The non-compliance with the aforesaid regulation leads to automatic cancellation of the participation and the provision of gratuities.
The participation to the "contest games" is exclusively on the websites operated by the company i-Karaibes. The participant will be required to register. To this end, it will fill according to the information provided online, the registration form made available where he will include the information necessary for his identification and in particular its civility, first name, last name, valid e-mail address, date of birth, address.
However, it is strictly forbidden to play on the same site with several email addresses. A single entry must be operated by a person with the same first name, last name and home address. This measure allows each of the members major in the same household to participate in the game.
The player is informed and accepts that the information entered in the registration form faith to establish proof of his identity. The information entered by the participant upon binding validation.
The player undertakes to complete in good faith in the registration form placed at his disposal, and convey to the company i-Karaibes sas accurate information. The player must complete all entry fields, except those listed as not mandatory.
Any inaccurate or incomplete registration will not be taken into account and will result in the nullity of the participation. The same sanction shall apply in case of multiple records. Players who have not provided when they register their details and complete identity, or which have provided inaccurate or misleading will be disqualified.

Article 4: Prizes

The contests can earn the following lots:
- gift card of a value of from 10 to 100 euros in advance on the sites i-Karaibes sas
Amount : variable, depending on the current game
- physical items with a value of 10 to 100 euros to withdraw to the showroom Martinique
Amount : variable, depending on the current game
The gift cards are exclusively provided in the form of a discount code cloud-based to argue only on sites i-Karaibes sas.
It will not be asked for any counter-value of the deductions provided herein, in cash or in any other form, or any exchange.
The company i-Karaibes sas reserves the right to increase, at any time, the number of articles put into games, without prior notice or justification.
The company i-Karaibes sas undertakes to send by e-mail, no later than 60 days after a success in a contest game, the gain, the e-mail address indicated by the user during registration to the contest.
The price will be accepted as they are announced. Any changes (date, price) for any reason whatsoever may be requested by the winners.
No consideration or financial equivalent gains can be claimed by the winners. The company i-Karaibes sas will not provide any service or guarantee, earnings consist solely of the awards provided for above.
The company i-Karaibes sas reserves the right to change, without notice, the content of the gains offered. Each of these changes, the company i-Karaibes sas will notify users of changes made.

Article 5 : changes and cancellation of games contest

The company i-Karaibes sas reserves the right to cancel, shorten, extend, suspend, modify or postpone a or games competition at any time if the circumstances so require, without its liability being incurred on these heads. To the extent possible, such amendments or changes will be subject to prior information by all appropriate means.

Article 6 : Liability of the company

The responsibility of the company i-Karaibes sas can in no case be engaged in case of any possible malfunction of the mode of participation in this competition, linked to the characteristics of the Internet, in this case the participants will not receive any compensation of any nature whatsoever.
The company i-Karaibes sas does not warrant that the sites that it operates operate without interruption or that they do not contain any computer errors, or that defects will be corrected.
The company i-Karaibes sas cannot be held responsible, if for a reason independent of his will, the winner could not be contacted. The company i-Karaibes sas can not be held responsible if, for reasons of force major beyond its control, this game was partially or totally modified, postponed or cancelled. Any counter-value of the awards at stake will not be offered in compensation.
The company i-Karaibes sas could not be held liable if the data relating to the registration of a participant does not succeed for any reason, of which it may be liable, or it could be illegible or impossible to treat.
More generally, in the case of a free-to-play and without any obligation to purchase, it is expressly agreed, in application of article 1152 of the civil code, the liability of the company i-Karaibes sas would be limited if she were to be sought, - a lump sum of between one euro and the commercial value average of the highest gratification in play during this contest.

Article 7 : Description and operation of the games

The game of the mask is a scratchcard at random and free. Participants may only play once per session (usually for a period of 2 months). The company i-Karaibes sas reserves the right to change the periodicity and the nature of the lots. This game will be available on the site

Article 8 : Acceptance of the rules

The participation in the game implies the acceptance without reserve of this Regulation. The company i-Karaibes sas will cut supremely any dispute concerning the game and its rules.
It will not respond to any request by telephone concerning the interpretation or application of this regulation, mechanisms or procedures of the game and on the list of winners. By participating in the game, the player certifies that you meet all the conditions necessary to play the game and undertakes to use the sites in accordance with the conditions of this regulation as well as laws and regulations applicable to the promotional game.

Article 9 : Amendments to this regulation

The company i-Karaibes sas reserves the right to make any changes to the rules without prior notice or obligation of explain its decision and without its liability being incurred because of this.
The company i-Karaibes sas reserves the right, at any time, as of right, without notice and without having to justify it, pause the game, to extend, shorten, modify or cancel it. In this case, the responsibility of the company i-Karaibes sas will not be liable in any manner whatsoever and the players could not claim any compensation of any kind.
Any amendment of the regulations shall enter into force upon its posting online and any player will be deemed to have accepted the mere fact of his participation in the game, from the date of entry into force of the amendment. Any player refusing the amendments made shall cease to participate in the game.

Article 10 : Fraud

Any fraud, or attempted fraud, manifested by a commencement of execution and committed in particular with a view to perceive wrongly a lot, will be the subject of a criminal prosecution, in accordance with the provisions of articles 313-1 and following of the Penal Code.
Any interference with the system of automated data processing on one of the websites operated by the company i-Karaibes sas will be the subject of a criminal prosecution, in accordance with the provisions in articles 323-1 to 323-7 of the Penal Code. Any forgery and use of forgery will be subject to criminal prosecution, in accordance with the provisions of articles 441-1 to 441-12 of the Penal Code.
Any transaction having the purpose or effect of violating the secrecy of correspondence, professional secrecy or data relating to the private life of the players will be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of civil and criminal in effect. In case of non-compliance or suspected non-compliance with this regulation by a player or in case of a violation, attempt or presumption of infringement on the part of a player capable of being the subject of prosecution, in accordance with the provisions of this article, the company i-Karaibes sas may prohibit temporarily or permanently, the access of the player to the player's account.

Article 11 : personal Data

The prizes will be sent to the winner only if it has filled in all the information, namely : first and last name, mailing address, postal code, city, country, and phone number. Participants acknowledge that they accept without reservation the use of their personal data for commercial exploitation and promotion of the sites i-Karaibes sas. i-Karaibes sas undertakes not to transfer personal data to third parties.

Section 12 : Confirmation from the winner

When the draw will be designated a winner, the organizer will send a confirmation message to the email address that has been indicated during the registration.

Section 13 : Promotion of the winners

The mere fact of the acceptance of their prize, the winners authorize the use of their name, first name, full address and username in all event advertising related to this game, without any limitation of space or time, and without this use can open other rights than the prize won.

Article 14 : Application of regulations

The regulations can be obtained from the company's i-Karaibes sas on simple written request on a plain paper to the address indicated below :
i-Karaibes sas 4 Batch EDF, rue Lemon tree 97233 SCHOELCHER

Article 15 : Dispute

The applicable law is the French law. Players are therefore subject to the French regulations applicable to games.
Any dispute arising on the occasion of the competition, and which could not be settled amicably, will be submitted to the courts of Fort-de-France.