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Terms and Conditions of the affiliate program - i-karaibes sas : general terms and conditions of the affiliate program


Section 1 – Identification of the parties

This affiliation Agreement is established between : - i-karaibes sas, editor of the website whose registered office is located at 4 lotissement EDF 97233 SCHOELCHER, registered with the Register of Commerce and Companies of Fort de France, under the number SIRET 83790811000013, represented by Yngrid LALLEMAND, acting Director General, duly authorised to this effect ;


The Affiliate who is a natural person or legal entity mentioned in the registration form.


Article 2 – Purpose of the special conditions

These terms and conditions, entered into a non-exclusive for an indeterminate period, are intended to define the conditions under which - i-karaibes sas is likely to pay an Affiliate for providing prospects and customers on the site - i-karaibes in the conditions defined below.


Article 3 – Definitions

Affiliate : means a natural or legal person providing prospects and customers by the inclusion of a link to the website of the Affiliator.

Affiliator : means a legal person the manager of a website, in this case - i-karaibes sas, remunerating, under certain conditions, the Affiliate.

Contract : means the general conditions of affiliation entered into by the Affiliate with the affiliate platform.

New User : means a natural or legal person registering for the first time on - i-karaibes sas.

Promotional tool : refers to an object placed on the Affiliate site which will allow a user to go to the website Affiliator. This refers, in particular, any such hypertext link, including trade links, banner advertising, message, image, or graphical element.


Article 4 – Registration

Applications are made by completing the registration form available on the website in the section my account / affiliation. - i-karaibes sas and the affiliate undertake to set up an affiliate campaign. - i-karaibes sas provides a URL blob to be put online on the website of the affiliate. This URL is used to access the web site for the purchase of a product sold by

The affiliate displays the URL, banners or other information media such as image, called the “widget” and/or iframe - i-karaibes sas on its internet website or your other digital format (social networks, email, advertising, mailing...) according to its choice and possibilities. The affiliate displays mandatory 1 url and if possible at least 1 promotional image provided by – i-karaibes sas.


Article 5 – membership and obligations of the affiliate

The affiliate must be over 18 years old.

In order to allow the performance of the services, object of the Agreement, the affiliate undertakes to put it online, the URL blob for the implementation of the affiliate campaign.

The affiliate undertakes to declare to the tax administration on which it depends (in France, in the framework of the system micro BIC of the article 50-0 § 1 of the general tax code) the sums obtained in the framework of this agreement. It is up to the affiliate to do the necessary formalities with the tax administration. - i-karaibes sas will not be required to declare in its place the sums obtained.

Candidates for affiliate must ensure and guarantee that their Promotional Tool complies with all applicable laws and regulations in force, that it does not infringe upon any right belonging to third parties, in particular in the field of intellectual or industrial property, privacy, or image rights. It is recalled that the Affiliate prohibition of any misleading advertising or of a nature as to mislead the consumer. - i-karaibes sas reserves the right to accept or not, without having to motivate its decision, the membership of an Affiliate program. The Affiliate is prohibited from placing any Promotional Tool on the sites, content, or in e-mail messages :

• Is unlawful ;

• Containing racist, defamatory, libelous, or that incites any form of discrimination or extremism ;

• That contains pornographic content ;

• Undermining the image of - i-karaibes sas ;

• Non-compliant with laws and regulations in force.

It is recalled that the Affiliate of its obligation to ensure compliance with the provisions of the law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relative to data processing and freedoms) and article L. 34-5 of the Code of posts and electronic communications which requires, inter alia, the collection of the prior consent of the recipient of any direct marketing by e-mail and sets out a number of principles relating to the content of the message.

The affiliate is responsible for its account and maintaining the security of its password.

The affiliate is solely responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of its website, as well as all elements which appear on its site or of all the tools that you could implement in the framework of this agreement.


Article 6 – Obligation of - i-karaibes sas

In order to allow the execution of services, object of the Contract, - i-karaibes sas, agrees to make available to the affiliate the URL blob for the implementation of the campaign on the website, blog, affiliate or any other tools. - i-karaibes sas undertakes to pay to the affiliate the amounts due under the conditions laid down in the article, "REMUNERATION" below.


Due to the purely computer of the evidence of a sale, the Parties acknowledge that the affiliate may not require - i-karaibes sas that it brings to him another proof of the execution of its services that the records of the operations carried out on the site - i-karaibes sas. - i-karaibes sas undertakes to report all sales made through the application of these.


Article 7 – Control

Without that it constitutes an obligation for - i-karaibes sas, - i-karaibes sas reserves the right to conduct operations of control unilaterally intended to verify the compliance by the Affiliate of all of the terms of these terms and conditions.

These checks may, where appropriate, give rise to temporary suspensions or permanent account of the Affiliate.


Article 8 – Remuneration

Remuneration of the affiliate :

A commission will be paid to the affiliate on each product sale made on the site - i-karaibes sas by a visitor from the site or blog of the affiliate with the link tracké. Without using this link, we will be unable to pay a commission and determine the origin of the client. The amount of the commission will be calculated on the total amount of the order excluding taxes. The commission of 10% plus vat (Excluding Taxes) is fixed for the duration of this contract.


Billing :

As soon as the accumulated monthly commissions will be equal to or higher than 50 euros, the affiliate may request the payment of commissions.

A statement of the commission is drawn up and signed by the affiliate before proceeding to payment.

Periodicity :

No minimum periodicity will not be practiced. The affiliate with the possibility to request payment via his affiliate account.

In the absence of a demand for payment in the 6 months by the affiliate, it will be admitted that he gives up his commissions for the benefit of the affiliator.

Payment :

The receipt by - i-karaibes sas the statement of the commission signed will result in a payment to you within 30 days in the form of a bank transfer.


Article 9 – Term and termination of contract

The partnership between - i-karaibes sas and the Affiliate is deemed to take effect upon the registration of the Affiliate. This affiliation Agreement is entered into on a nonexclusive basis between - i-karaibes sas and its Affiliates, for an indefinite period, it being specified that each of the parties may terminate it at any time by e-mail addressed to The Contract will then end on the business day following receipt of the electronic mail.

In the event of termination by either party, the Affiliate will receive a payment calculated on the basis of the amount which was due to the date of termination, and this in a period of two months. Any Affiliate who does not warn them not - i-karaibes sas of the removal of advertising tools without following the above procedure will forfeit any right to payment.

Any Affiliate who does not comply with the terms and conditions of the affiliate will lose any right to payment.


Article 10 – Property - i-karaibes sas authorizes the Affiliate to use the name, brand, logo - i-karaibes sas and use any banner ad, image, and more generally any tool put at its disposal by - i-karaibes sas within the framework of the Contract.

The Affiliate will not be able to make use of these elements for commercial or promotional purposes unrelated to the

Term of the affiliation agreement or in disregard of the terms and Conditions of affiliation.

In any event, it is forbidden for the Affiliate to use the name, brand, logo - i-karaibes sas and any item provided by him, in order to promote, directly or indirectly, products and services, competitors, identical or not to the activity of - i-karaibes sas.

This Agreement does not grant the Affiliate any right to the personal data, content, and, more generally, any item collected or posted on the site - i-karaibes sas which remain the property of their author or owner. - i-karaibes sas and the affiliate will ensure the protection of any information brought to their knowledge in the framework of the Contract. They agree not to disclose any information given, technical formula, or concept, to which they might have gained knowledge of through this contract. - i-karaibes sas and the affiliate undertake to respect the clauses of confidentiality and industrial property rights of the Parties which have been brought to their attention.


Article 11 – Responsibilities - i-karaibes sas assumes only the responsibility of all relationships with its clients who will order products on its website and identifies the affiliate from any liability in case of use of a user regarding products purchased on

The affiliate undertakes to ensure that the description and any images of their affiliate campaigns to comply with the terms of the Charter - i-karaibes sas published on its official website and the graphic charter - i-karaibes sas.

The affiliate also agrees to comply with all French legislation, and in particular the legislation on advertising and promotion, distance selling, literary and artistic property, the right of individuals to control the disclosure of their name and their image, as well as practices generally recognized by the profession in France.

The responsibility of - i-karaibes sas within the framework of the Contract is strictly limited to the direct damage actually suffered and proved by the affiliate, to the exclusion of all heads of consequential loss such as loss of profit, loss of business, revenue or other. - i-karaibes sas reminds the Affiliate of its obligation not to include Promotional Tools in the context of content that is not compliant with laws and regulations in force or which infringes the rights of third parties. - i-karaibes sas remains subject to an obligation of means for the maintenance of access to the site - i-karaibes The responsibility of - i-karaibes sas could not be held responsible in the event of, inter alia, inaccessibility temporary website due to a case of force majeure.


Article 13 – miscellaneous Provisions - i-karaibes sas and the affiliate shall not claim any exclusivity as to the nature of the proposed service. - i-karaibes sas reserves the right to modify, at any time, all or part of the special conditions. - i-karaibes sas will notify you by e-mail of the change of the general conditions.

The Affiliate retains the right to oppose any modification of the contract. This opposition will allow - i-karaibes sas to proceed with termination of the Contract.

The terms and conditions of affiliation entered into by the Affiliate with the affiliate platform constitute the contractual framework within which undertakes the Affiliate.

Any new features augmenting or enhancing the current program, including the release of new tools and resources, shall be subject to the terms and Conditions of use. The continued use of the program after such modifications will constitute your consent to such changes.


Article 14 – applicable Law and jurisdiction clause in the contracts concluded with professionals

The Contract is subject to French law.

In the event of a dispute arising with an affiliate professional on the occasion of the present contract, both in regard to its interpretation and its execution, and in default of amicable agreement between the parties, skills express is assigned to the Tribunal of Commerce of Fort de France, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or call in guarantee, even for emergency proceedings or protective proceedings, summary proceedings or by petition.