i-Karaibes - Purchases refunded

DYLL.fr will reimburse you for your purchases !

You are already a client Dyll and you enjoy the welcome offer of € 25 on your first order? Be aware that the offers continue to reward you for your loyalty !

Each order placed on the site www.dyll.fr automatically triggers a purchase order to be submitted on the next customer's order. The vouchers have a validity of 90 days. The shopping vouchers can not be combined and each customer can only receive one voucher for each amount (120€, 75€, 40€, 10€), either a discount cumulative maximum of 245 euros. The use of a purchase order for the payment of an order is not blocking in any way the allocation of a new voucher if the vesting conditions are met.

Conditions of allocation and use :

Value of the good Minimum original purchase (Conditions of assignment) Minimum Order (Conditions of use)
120 euros 400 euros 180 euros
75 euros 300 euros 125 euros
40 euros 200 euros 100 euros

10 euros

75 euros

50 euros

And now the purchase of 10 € is systematic for each order that meet the conditions !!!

Exclusive offer for WEB clients !

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