Gel female stimulation Fire of Love 30ML

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Gel female stimulation

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Here's the arousal gel female Pleasure Secret. This gel female stimulation will bring the expected pleasure solo or as a couple.

Fire of Love Gel Intimate Stimulating Female is produced in France by a Secret Pleasure in our laboratories certified to european standards, it is for you and your clients a guarantee of compliance, quality, and efficiency.

All women have a right to pleasure and orgasm or even multiple orgasms, sadly some women find it hard to achieve orgasm, and to find true pleasure.

Fire of Love gel intimate stimulating female Pleasure Secret is specially designed to optimize and enhance the female pleasure by contact, it also acts on the male partner.

Tips : apply a hazelnut of Fire of Love on your pubis and your clitoris, gently massage it for a minute, the effect of a stimulant and aphrodisiac is immediate.

Thanks to the active ingredients of the Fire of Love and its heating effect, your area of the pubic ignited, the slightest contact with your partner, the slightest caress when games solitary inundate you with pleasure and will transport you to orgasm.

In couple, the effect of a warm Fire of Love will spread to your contact, on your partner's penis giving him a unique and incredible pleasure he will not soon forget.

The effects of the Fire of Love are active for about ninety minutes.

Fire of Love is discreetly flavored (aroma of food) in the wild strawberry.

The active principles of Fire of the Love of Secret Pleasure consist of nutritional supplements, therefore, there is no contra-indication, however, the Fire of Love is not recommended for pregnant women and people with herpes.

Your box-of - Fire of Love gel intimate stimulating female Secret Pleasure includes instructions for use and a complete catalogue of the range Secret Pleasure.

Weight 156grs

Dimensions Box (mm): Height-235, Width-90, Prof 30 - Volume 30ML

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