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This powerful poppers au nitrite pentyl...


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This powerful poppers au nitrite pentyl release your sexual urges, and stimulate your desire.

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The real poppers Gold that l’active ingredient is nitrite pentyl.

This euphoric provides an immediate wave in the brain.

You will be enveloped in a warm sensation and pleasant that will release your muscles and expand your vessels.

The poppers Gold has been designed to be perfectly balanced in the climb, the power and the length of the effect.

This is one of the poppers the most popular of the regulars.

10ml bottle

Nitrite pentyl

"These poppers are leather-cleaner (cleaners for leather).

Any derivative use of the latter is the responsibility of the consumer. "

- Reserved for the major persons and initiated

- Volatile product

- Easily flammable. Do not smoke

- Do not inhale

- Do not ingest

- Do not touch the liquid with the skin, as this can cause burns

- Do not combine these products with products such as Viagra or Cialis

Has let it disperse into the atmosphere of the room in which you are going to .. eat !

Do not swallow, and call the poison centre and the 15 in the case of absorption of poppers

Keep your bottles of poppers out of the reach of children, in a cool and ventilated area.

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